Close your eyes, clear your mind & let it go.
Hey! Haha Anyway, I had been following you since 2012. I think that you're just over acting about some things that you shouldn't have. I'm not from the Philippines but I do understand tagalog. Enjoy your 9th grade, it's not that really hard if you just try to balance everything:) When I was in 9th grade my classes was really hard, they were college courses and in my 10th grade I became a full time college student, studying School Psyhology. I'm in 12th grade but 3rd year college student.

Yes I do, I will. pero medyo terror na talaga yung teacher namin sa history! di ko na siya magets. Pero thanks! hindi ko inexpect na ganito pala yung k-12. :)

Ahh. siguro they just carried away hahaha

Siguro natakot kasi ako kasi andaming nagliliparan, hindi naman kasi ganun sa public school na pinapasukan ko dati. :)

yabang mo nmn

No, hindi yun sa pagiging mayabang. When I was still in elementary nag public school ako but wala yung mga ganun. Natakot lang talaga ako nung natuklasan ko yung event na yun. :)

Public School and Private School.

So last Friday, my neighbor who is studying on a Public school invited me to watch the Malong Gown on their school. It was their Math Camping kasi tapos yun, I am very ignorant when it comes to that kasi our school’s not supporting that kind of event. Anyways, I am studying on a private diocesan school here in Pagadian.

So, it was uhm 4pm in the afternoon when I called my neighbor, Rachel then told her to fetch me at their main gate. Knowing that I’m still wearing my school uniform, it’s really embarrassing if I’ll directly go inside the gate without any permission right? so when I arrive, I saw her standing at their main gate then we went inside, to their gym actually. Unfortunately, the malong gown contest is over, nalate ako! but there were lots of students on the gym! when I say lots, THERE WERE REALLY TONS! tons of students who were dancing like there’s no tomorrow! and I felt nervous,conscious and scared? because some of the students were throwing things up, like bottled water, plates and trashes plus the loud music that was playing. It really irritates me and it gave me nervousity! lol, I know I am being too over-acting but that’s what I felt. I met few persons and they were nice. But, I didn’t really enjoyed much the party, I was just sitting at the white plastic chair at the corner kasi natatakot ako sa flying bottled-water and etc haha.

Sometimes I envy the public schools because they have the liberty or the freedom. They can go wild and crazy without hesitation, unlike us the HCA students. We should act formally and control our hormones haha whut? Okay so that’s it. Hehe

Hello guys!

Sorry for being active. Being a grade 9 student is really not a joke! we’re more like college! thesis there, reporting, recital, mentalĀ calisthenics huhuhu my brain is rotten already! Anyways I’m going to share some happenings this past few weeks and also about my weekend so stay tune! xoxo

I dont care who was before me, as long as I know theres nobody during me.